SPV-Solution for BTS Telecom application

LYTON offers two types of professional solution for Telecom application: One is pure OFF grid DC solution for 48V DC Telecom load and another is PV - DG - Hybrid hybrid solution for typical Telecom tower.

If you are looking for reduced diesel fuel consumption and minimize O&M cost on Polluted Genset and maximized site availability then LYTON SPV - hybrid solution is the right solution for your Telecom Tower.

  • LYTON BTS solutions supplement the diesel generators with renewable energy
  • It utilizes any combination of Diesel, unreliable grid power source with solar power sources to maximize the base station power availability.
  • LYTON PCU has in - built solar charger & rectifier charger which optimize battery charging with 3 steps charging technology.
  • It also has remote monitoring option and is intelligent enough to give signal for low battery and Solar charger fault condition.