Solar Hybrid UPS

LYTON Solar hybrid UPS is unique solution where both Solar Power and Utility AC mains is utilized to charge the battery and support the load. Typically, Solar Power gets the priority to charge the battery and supply to the load.

This Solar Hybrid UPS solution is ranging from 800 VA to 10000 VA capacities depending on client load requirement and have extended battery backup. This Solar Hybrid UPS type of solution is very useful when reliable grid power is not available.

Hybrid UPS

Hybrid Solar MPPT Power Conditioner (Off-Grid)


A Hybrid Solar Pure Sine Wave MPPT PCU with configurable priority charging.


  • MPPT Based Solar Power Conditioner
  • Integrated Combiner box for multiple PV string input.
  • Priority given to Solar power over grid
  • Solar power supply to load, as well as used for charging the battery banks
  • Intelligent sourcing from Solar power and in combination with grid power to meet load demand
  • Protection against overload, short circuit, battery deep discharge/over charge
  • Comprehensive protection function
  • Fan is temperature and power controlled
  • Available in various rating

Technical Specifications

MODEL 1KW 1.5KW 2.3 KW 3KW
Rated Power 1000VA/800W 1500VA/1200W 2300VA/1840W 3000VA/2400W
Voltage 230V AC
Voltage Range 170V AC - 280V AC
Frequency 50 Hz
AC Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode) 230VAC+-15%
Peak Efficiency >78%
Change Over time 20 ms
Short Circuit Protection MCB
Battery Voltage 24V DC 24VDC 48VDC 48VDC
Absorption Charge Voltage 29.2VDC +/-1% 29.2VDC +/-1% 58.4VDC +/-1% 58.4VDC +/-1%
Float Charge Voltage 26.8VDC +/-1% 26.8VDC +/-1% 53.6VDC +/-1% 53.6VDC +/-1%
Low Battery Disconnect Voltage 21.6VDC +/-1% 21.6VDC +/-1% 43.2VDC +/-1% 43.2VDC +/-1%
Low Voltage Reconnect Voltage 24.6VDC +/-1% 24.6VDC +/-1% 49.2VDC +/-1% 49.2VDC +/-1%
Over charge Protection 30VDC +/-1% 30VDC +/-1% 60VDC +/-1% 60VDC +/-1%
Maximum Charging Current 40A 40A 50A 50A
PV Input Voltage range 32 - 140V 32 - 140V 64 - 140V 64 - 140V
Standby Power Consumption 15W 15W 25W 25W
Number of string inputs 2 (each of 250WpX2) 2 (each of 250WpX3) 3 (each of 250WpX3) 4 (each of 250WpX3)
Protection DC MCB