MPPT Solar Conversion Kit ( For Existing UPS)

Affordable Roof top Solar System Solution-For existing UPS/Inverter customers

Have an Existing Inverter and Batteries - Then just add Lyton Solar which is an MPPT based Solar Conversion KIT which is up to 25 % more efficient than conventional SMU's.

Energywin's Solar Conversion Kit converts existing Home /Office Inverter & UPS to Solar UPS. It enables the users to use their existing inverters and batteries while just buying panels, cables and Go Solar kit to make the Simple Home /Office UPS to a versatile MPPT based Solar UPS. Go Solar SCK charges the battery of the Home /Office Inverter and it harvests maximum energy from Solar about 25% more than conventional Solar Charge controller due to its inherent and efficient MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology.


  • Compatible with any UPS/Inverter make and battery
  • Fully Automatic changeover from Solar <->Mains/Battery
  • PV Voltage, PV current, Source of power displayed on the device
  • Works with 12V/24V/36/48V battery bank systems
  • Charging current from Solar: 10/20/30/40/50/60Amps programmable
  • Order of source priority Solar -> Solar + Battery->Battery (up to threshold) ->Mains
  • Option of upgradation to higher capacity UPS/Inverters using the same SCK at later stage

System Architecture

Model Information

Model Number System Voltage MPP Operating Voltage PV Charging Current
500W 12V 17V - 140Vdc 20A
1000W 12V 34V - 140Vdc 20A
24V 34V - 140Vdc 40A
1500W 24V 34V - 140Vdc 40A
2000W 24V 65 - 140Vdc 40A
48V 65 - 140Vdc 60A
2500W 48V 65 - 140Vdc 60A
3000W 48V 65 - 140Vdc 60A

Technical Specifications

MPP Range/ Operating voltage 12V Battery 24V Battery 48V Battery
17V ~140V DC 34V - 140V DC 65V - 140V DC
Max DC Voltage 150V
Max PV power 500W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W
DC Start Voltage 20V
Nominal Battery Voltage 12V, 24V, 48V DC (Factory set)
Battery Type Sealed Lead Acid, Vented, Gel, NiCd, AGM
Maximum Charging Current 12V DC-40A 24V DC-20A, 40A 48V DC-20A, 40A
Charging Method Bulk, Absorption, Floating
Polarity Reversal Protection Integrated
Overload Protection Integrated
Overcharge Protection Integrated
Short Circuit Protection Integrated
LCD Backlight LCD with parameters and data display
LED Standby, Power and Alarm indicators
Dimension 305X241X106 mm
Weight 3 Kgs
Ingress Protection IP21
500W- XXV XXV represents the voltage of the battery bank
1000W- XXV XXV represents the voltage of the battery bank
1500W- XXV XXV represents the voltage of the battery bank
2000W-XXV XXV represents the voltage of the battery bank
2500W-XXV XXV represents the voltage of the battery bank
3000W-XXV XXV represents the voltage of the battery bank