EPC Contracts

EPC stands for "Engineering, Procurement and Construction" or Design-Build construction of solar photovoltaic energy systems. As an EPC contractor, Lyton help its customers from concept design to commissioning of the plant that considers time, cost and quality parameters. The unique combination of highly skilled project management, highly qualified resources, engineering capabilities and a reputation as a quality builder has enabled our firm to compete in numerous utility scales SPV projects throughout the country.

Why EPC?

  • Reduced stress for promoter
  • Single point of contact for promoter which simplifies communications.
  • Ready availability of post-commissioning services
  • Ensures quality and reduces practical issues faced in other ways
  • Promoter is protected against price fluctuations of key BoM.
  • Cost & cash flow is known at the start of the project
  • Good project Management.

LYTON EPC Value Chain Offerings

EPC and O&M for Solar Farms

LYTON offers complete turnkey EPC service for MW scale solar farms which includes:

  • Feasibility Study, Site Surveys
  • Concept Design and Detailed Engineering Design
  • Simulation of Generation of Electricity
  • BOM, BOQ
  • Procurement of Materials, Equipments
  • Construction of Civil Works, Electrical works etc
  • Commissioning
  • Operation, Training
  • Maintenance & After Sales Services
  • LYTON Engineering team is equipped with state - of - the art tools for simulation and engineer system design and design system with highest "P & A" (P: Performance, A: Availability).
  • LYTON team has good expertise in all advance PV technology and can suggest the best professional system as per customer requirement.
  • LYTON has very good supply chain logistics & distribution network which provides better control on costing.
  • LYTON is also a manufacturer of key BoS (Balance of System) which gives added advantage to the client requirement.
  • LYTON's country wise presence (through contract service engineers) make it the ideal partner for your O&M services and needs as every hour of energy generation is important
Solar Farm

Energy Conservation & Audits

Stop wasteful spending with an energy audit! An energy audit, or Building Performance Assessment, helps to make smart decisions about how to conserve the energy, and lower the utility bills of the facility. The first step in lowering the utility bills, an energy audit assesses energy consumption of the facility and how much is wasted due a lack of information & technology. With our energy audit services, we identify the opportunities to reduce the energy use and/or the operating cost of the facility. Furthermore, we help our client to design/ retrofit sustainable building utilizing day-lighting control, LED lighting system etc. Whether it's new construction, renovation, or retrofit, our audit reports provide the information to decide which of the recommended energy generation and conservation technologies can be implemented at site.

Serivce Offering

  • Fact finding analysis based on the historical energy usage
  • Analysing the operational characteristics of the building or process
  • Analysing key opportunities for energy conservations
  • Engineering analysis of potential recommendations
  • Prepare a priority ordered list recommendations
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Report the results

We can provide different levels of solar and solar roofing analysis for a building, or group of buildings, or industrial processes. Our reports give more information about the facility that they can use for variety of purposes. Whether it's contemplating major energy-saving capital improvements or roof replacement, or new construction or renovation, we can evaluate and recommend a variety of solar measures to save energy and cut operating costs.

Site Feasibility Analysis

The success of any renewable energy project begins at its inception. Proposed site's surrounding natural environment should be conducive to the operation of renewable energy technology to make it a worthwhile investment. The site Location, physical characteristics and general infrastructure of the site determines the success, mediocrity or failure of any Solar Photo Voltaic project to a larger extent. The evaluation of a proposed operating location is called a Comprehensive Site Feasibility Study.

Service Offering

  • Solar Irradiation level analysis
  • Obstacle / Shadow analysis
  • Analysis of land coverage ratio
  • Analysis of PV orientation & tilting
  • Soil Strength & Quality
  • Operational Location Logistics
  • Supporting facilities for utility integration
  • Maintenance & Haul-out Facilities
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Stability & Long Term Growth Potential
  • Overall Suitability for the proposed project

Based on the comprehensive site feasibility study, proposing the appropriate technology for a particular site is essential to truly realize the benefits from renewable energy projects.

Operation and Maintanance

LYTON's Operation and Maintenance (O&M) is committed to provide flexible, integrated, dependable, cost effective and responsive solutions for the Operation and Maintenance requirements of SPV Solutions. O&M assessments shall be performed as a stand-alone activity that results in a set of O&M recommendations or as part of retro commissioning (a larger more holistic approach to improving existing-building

We also offer customize level AMC (Annual Maintenance contract) as per customer requirement.

Service Offering

  • Preventive Maintenance
    • Routine inspection and servicing of equipment
    • Lowers the probability of unplanned PV system downtime
  • Reactive Maintenance
    • Addresses the equipment breakdown after their occurrence, is instituted to mitigate unplanned downtime.
    • "Break-fix" approach, used mainly for lower upfront costs.
  • Condition Based Maintenance
    • Uses real time data to prioritize and optimize maintenance and resources.
    • Offering increased efficiency.